Sample Essay

The conflict between civilizations from one point of view is inevitable but can be avoided to a great extent by various means and the most popular idea was set forth by former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami which was termed as dialogue among civilizations and the United Nations supported this ideology and stated 2001 as the year for dialogue among civilizations. In his book Rabbi Jonathan Sacks states that, “That is why I am heartened by the fact that in 2000 a dialogue took place between religious leaders and the World Bank; that since 2001 there has been a religious presence at the World Economic Forum” (Sacks p.13). This shows that dialogue among civilizations to avoid clash and conflict has not only begun but has been taken to the forums of trade, commerce and economics to interlink the economic, cultural and religious elements of these civilizations. Continuous dialogue among nations is the key to avoiding clash conflict and chaos.


The immense religious and cultural differences among civilizations are quite apparent in today’s global village and as countries and civilizations come together and the level of interaction increases these differences will become more rigorous and apparent. The world now witnesses countries emerging in the basis of economics and political systems but the influence of religions in these countries remains significant and powerful. The two viewpoints of cultural and religious differences point towards opposing directions but after analyzing the views of Huntington clash among civilizations seems inevitable but this clash could be avoided through proper dialogue at several economic, social and religious platforms.

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