Sample Essay

Thankfully, some sense has prevailed among all this liberal hype. House republicans have been successful in the introduction of a Bill that disallows the relocation of Guantanamo Bay prisoners onto Unites States soil (Montopoli, 2009). Hopefully, this is only the first step in the process and there are other means inculcated that ensure that these highly dangerous criminals are prevented from entering the USA or harming the nation or its people from a foreign and hostile nation.

Guantanamo Bay prison, despite all the negative publicity and the human rights activism remains one of the truly isolated prisons which is safe and secure with no threat to the US people. It also makes criminals reevaluate the hasty and false steps they might take in the future that would seal their fate and mark their entry into that place. With the closure of the facility, the US people will not be better off; rather they will be more at danger and their security will be more threatened than ever before. US homeland security will be greatly weakened by the closure of Guantanamo Bay prison.

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