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Essay: Remains of Nature Exist till Eternity | Term Paper Queen

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The end of the poem at the image of the sea is important as the image of the sea signifies the it surpassess of history and times, ‘When he left the beach the sea was still going on’ shows that the human beings would come and go but the remains of Nature exist till eternity. The sea would continue to provide life or death to the human beings. The relentless sea symbolizes aspect of Nature as well as it is a source of life for men. But it might also incur calamities or demise to the human beings as ‘water commemorates nothing in its statis[1]

Another important thing in the poem is the fact that the poet is not preoccupied with the post colonial tradition rather he shows how the Caribbean island posseses diversity owing to the colonization. Walcott, like James Joyce, has hybrid identity and he seems to enjoy the fact therefore his work also reflects diversity which no other poet is capable of possessing. Walcott’s epic enjoys an important space in the literary works as the poet employs literary devices with such a mastery that it triggers the imagination of the readers. The most powerful device used by Walcott is that of imagery. The imagery of sea and sea-swif are particularly significant as they are linked with the dominant themes of the poem while the role of Nature can not be subsided in the discussion of the imagery. The sea, sea-swift, ant as well as woman (Helen, symbolizes fertility and stands for the native land that is the center of struggle among men) reflect Nature as they are part of Nature.

[1] Walcott 297

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