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However, Boone proved his plan had purpose when the 3am jog ended up in the Gettysburg battlefield, made famous by the Civil War, leading into a moving speech that seemingly turned every player around in the quest for racial harmony, uniting the team further towards their goal of winning the Championship, which they eventually did.

Boone also displayed a much less renowned trait of appreciation, when at the end of the training camp he addresses the team and says, “I am not going to talk to you about winning or losing. You are all winners in my book already. Because you did not kill each other at the camp” (Yakin, 2000). This is well illustrated by Jnagal who reviews, “The very simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way in boosting your team’s morale. And yet, we don’t see it happening as often as it should” (2008). This says it all and for an accessible yet productive workplace environment is an essential trait to adhere to, and means doubly so if the gesture is made amidst a very busy schedule, such as in a high stake/high demand setting  (Jnagal, 2008).

Bill Yoast

Where Boone comes off as an assertive leader, Yoast portrays the idiosyncrasies of a supportive leader. When Boone offered Yoast the position of assistant coach, he rejected the offer at first instance but later accepted when the white members of the team refused to play under Boone, wholly out of concern for their future. This demonstrates the importance of building relationships with the people who work under you, as it instigates a sense of loyalty and trust, extending your influence over them.

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