Sample Essay

Set during a racially charged time period in Virginian history Remember the Titans is one of those rare films that successfully brings together several issues of life, sexuality, racism and having the will to succeed without compromising on the story it was based on. This article will attempt to show the leadership methods employed by Coach Boone and Coach Yoast in bringing the first ever interracial football team to their season championship.

The movie begins in July 1971 amid racial tensions at T.C Williams High School. It is the first time black students are being allowed an education in a white institution. The Caucasian head Coach Bill Yoast is replaced by African American coach Herman Boone who was originally supposed to work under him as an assistant. This is the first time we see Coach Boone’s skills as a mediator. He delegates the defensive position to Yoast citing that he needs him to be there. He requires his presence to help smooth the transition for the players.

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