Sample Essay

In order to control remote access to information systems, a number of solutions are available which implement security not only through username and password but also through nature and attributes of the connection. Of the several implementations in use by various organizations around the world, Kerberos, RADIUS, DIAMETER and TACACS are the most well known examples.


Computer networks are the most common type of Information technology solution that is used by organizations in order to connect different departments and processes. The principles of information systems security demands that information system connected to a computer network may also be protected from threats that may come through the network. Hence, organization use firewalls. A firewall is a part of computer system or a network which has been built to stop or minimize unauthorized access to information system through networks, while allowed communication otherwise. Firewalls can be implemented as hardware or software. The most common purpose of firewall is to prevent an information system or a network from unauthorized access from public networks. A firewall examines all messages and data packets entering or leaving a network in order to enforce security policy that has been set for it. There are several types of firewall which include packet filters, application gateways, circuit level gateways and proxy servers. Packet filtering firewall check each packet passing through boundary of the network where the firewall has been place and accepts or rejects based on the user-defined rules. Application gateways apply mechanisms of security to particular software such as HTTP servers. Circuit-level gateways apply security mechanism on connection level.  Once the connection is allowed by the firewall, packets can flow freely between the hosts. Proxy servers intercept all messages which enter or leave a network as act as a curtain for the network from public networks.

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