Sample Essay

There are a total of 250 requirements for obtaining a certificate of ISO 9001:2000 as prescribed by the International Standardisation Organisation and are divided into five main parts which include general requirements, management requirements, resource requirements, realisation requirements and remedial requirements (Schlickman 2003). There are several components of these major requirements for certification of ISO 9001:2000. The general requirements include the development of a quality management system in the organisation and documentation of quality management system. The management requirements include surety of commitment by the management towards quality, focus of management on customer satisfaction, quality policy implementation and support, implementation of the quality management system plan, allocation of responsibility and delegation of authority regarding the quality management system and reviewing and evaluating the performance of quality management system (MacNee, Sutherland and Pyle 2001).

The resource requirements include allocation of necessary resources and skilled employees for the quality management system. Other resource requirements include identifying and providing the necessary infrastructure for implementation of quality management system and providing a suitable work environment (Gaal 2001). The realisation or control requirements of ISO 901:2000 include development of a product realisation plan, development of product output plan, implementation of control for customer requirements and processes, development of plan for product development and design, controlling of products purchased from suppliers, control mechanism for goods produced and services provided and identification of monitoring and measurement  control process.

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