Sample Essay

The Research Design for this research has been divided into 4 phases. In the first phase, secondary sources will be used to build up knowledge of the topic, and topic such as importance of ERP in SMEs, how SMEs consider the selection of ERP nowadays and the requirements and implications of ERPs in such organizations will be research.

In the second phase, knowledge built in the first phase will be used to design a survey questionnaire and distributed among some of the leading SMEs. Furthermore, additional interviews will also be carried out with the employees in this organization which would include top level employees, ERP software developers and employees who use the ERP directly. On the other hand, interviews will also be carried out at vendor end with consultants, engineers and developers who get directly involved in the selection and implementation process. Phase three will involve consulting secondary resources again in order to seek the answer to the survey questionnaire through available literature. This opportunity will be used to perform a comparative analysis of the information gained through primary and secondary sources by highlighting the difference and similarities between them. The last phase will involve drawing conclusion from the information gained through primary and secondary sources and the analysis performed on them. This will also provide an opportunity in highlight the areas not fully explored in this research which would be presented as recommendations for further research.

a.       Limitations

This research by no means covers the researched topic fully. This is because of the reason that several resource limitations restricted the scope of this research. These limitation included time, cost and as well as availability of the relevant material. The scope of this research has been kept limited to Small and Medium Enterprises only while the area of research as also been restricted to technical criteria only (Saunders et al 2007)

1.9 Structure of the Report

This report has been organized into 8 chapters in which the first chapter provides an introduction as well as background to the topic on which the research is being carried out. The structure of the research report is discussed below.

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