Sample Essay

The research methodology that has been selected for this project is qualitative. The selection of qualitative research methodology has been done for a number of reasons. For example, the establishment of the framework for the selection of ERP not only requires the highlighting of the importance of technical considerations but also needs further explanation of the reasons which led to their inclusion in the framework. Furthermore, since different SME go through different experiences, the use of qualitative research methodology also allows for the inclusion of a diverse set of responses in the research, thus would contribute toward answering the research questions and making the research more comprehensive (Goddard and Melville 2004).

Apart from being qualitative, this research is also inductive. This allows for the development of the framework for all SMEs, which is the goal of this research, through observation and analysis of data obtained through primary data collection tools. This research analyzes the data to establish the hypothesis in order to develop a theory on which the framework will be based.

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