Sample Essay

a) Have policy changes against racial profiling improved the outlook of law enforcement agencies?

b) Do individuals feel safer knowing that law enforcement agencies no longer profile suspects?

I hypothesize that the answers to both questions based on the population samples selected will offer a negative viewpoint to both questions. If African Americans are asked question (a) they will, given the information in the literature review answer in the negative, and if both groups are asked about question (b), experiences with 9/11 will cause them to respond in the negative as well, while Caucasians may provide either a positive or negative response to question (a).

3. Evaluation site and/or the subjects you will study
Location of the evaluation site will be Times Square in New York City. The area is considered to be the central hub of market activity within the city, therefore, it is far more likely to encounter the population sample there and conduct the evaluation within a short time period. The subjects chosen are over 18 years of age and have at least a basic understanding of the concept of racial profiling. Of the basic concept of racial profiling is not known, a brief explanation can be given by the interviewer present.

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