Sample Essay

Throughout my life I have gone through several roles each with different levels of responsibility. I was first a child who grew into an adolescent. I was a student who grew into a marine. I was a marine who became a husband, a husband who became a father and eventually a single father. Each role required me to re-evaluate my place in the world and my responsibilities to the people around me.

Chapter 5 Concepts

Core Concept 1: When sociologists study interactions, they seek to understand the larger social forces that bring people together in interaction and that shape the content and direction of that interaction.

I often see the course of my life as having brought me to this point. If I did not grow up in a predominantly white cultural background I would not have married a Caucasian woman. If I did not enter the navy I would not have expanded my perspective of the world. If I did not get divorced from my wife I would not have the relationship I now have with my daughter. During all these changes not only did I find my responsibilities shifted and increased. I also found that I had to adjust my perspective of the world in order to better complete my responsibilities. I had to form perspectives on factors I had never considered before.

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