Sample Essay

One similarity existing between the two countries in the responses is the use of economic tools to help reduce the effects of financial crisis. They both had measures of preventing the devaluation of the currency however, the two approaches were different. They again used various economic strategies that initiated creation of wealth within the economy (Buller & Gamble, 2008). This is usually essential in ensuring that there are favorable terms of trade and balance of payments at any given time within the economy. The reduction of the amount of goods flow out of the country was common to both the countries and this was very useful in enhancing the reduction of the effects of financial crisis.

Even though there were similarities in the responses between the two countries in term of economic principles and policies, the strategies employed were totally different. Whereas United Kingdom employed more of fiscal policies to ensure economic balance and thus reduction in the financial crisis, France on the other hand employed more of monetary policies with the same view and objective (Crouch and Streek, 2000).

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