Sample Essay

What are the responsibilities of computer professionals according to the ACM and IEEE codes of conduct?

ACD and IEEE maintain separate codes of conduct; however, they are very similar to each other. According to these codes of conduct, a computer professional is responsible for contributing positively to the society and avoiding harm.

He is also responsible for being honest and fair. A computer professional is also responsible for maintaining the highest quality of work, honor contracts and agreement and improve public understanding of computing and its consequences. He is also responsible for increasing the quality of life through his work while also creating opportunities for others to learn about the principles and limitations of the computer systems (Johnson, 2009).

18.    Describe the extent to which individuals working in the field of computers are professionals or non-professionals.

The computes have found their use in a variety of domains and education. Employees in almost every organization nowadays are used to emailing, word processing and web browsing. Hence people who perform such activities cannot be considered a computer professional. Furthermore, many people working in the field of computers who do not have a professional degree in the field of computing, thus making their status as professional questionable. People who work as computer professional can be considered professional to some extent because most computer professional master an esoteric body of knowledge. Furthermore, they also enjoy autonomy to some extent. Though not abided by a single organization, all computer professional follow code of conduct of one organization or the other which are very similar to each other. Furthermore, the accreditation of all computer professionals is done through a process which closely follows standards (Johnson, 2009).

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