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Forms of the typical aura are also defined within the ICHD with certain symptoms given to govern their diagnosis. Probable causes are provided as pathological and etiological findings for their occurrence.  An example of this would be in the case of typical aura without headache which can occur in middle aged men or familial hemiplegic migraine which is linked to a specific set of genetic markers and can occur with symptoms of muscle weakness and concurrently with Cerebellar ataxia. While retinal migraine is a more rare form which is associated with at least two of three symptoms including fully reversible scintillations with scotoma or blindness affecting only one eye and being accompanied by a characteristic migrainous headache.  The classification also includes reasons for cases of complications of migraine occurring which is usually due to overdose of migraine medication (Lipton & Bigal, 2006).

While the ICHD is the standard to provide criteria to differentiate chronic daily headaches from migraines, it did not initially provide the criteria for chronic migraines. The diagnostic criteria for chronic migraines at this time was provided by a diagnosis criteria created by Silberstein and Lipton which is still applicable today. Their criteria contends the presence of head pain everyday or almost every day for a period of greater than 15 days a months and continuously occurring for more than one month. The duration of this headache must be greater than 4 hours if not treated and must follow at least one of the following conditions.

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