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Essay: Rise of Information Technology | Term Paper Queen

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In the conceptual framework presented for this research study, there are basically four main concepts which served as the backbone of the entire research study and these are 1) Globalization, 2) Information Technology, 3) Organizational Structure/Construct, and 4) IT Risk Management function.

According to Steinbock (2000), globalization inevitably led to the rise of Information Technology which is why the term “globalization of IT” was created in order to convey two indications which are the cross-border flow of information content and the cross-border spread of the actual hardware nationally and locally produced, distributed, and consumed. While information technology was mainly an effect or result of globalization, these two concepts may now be considered “inseparable” due to the interdependency of globalization to technology and technology to globalization.

As stated by Sunarno (2001), information technology is today, one of the most critical aspects which fuel the advancement of business organizations in this highly competitive world. Information technology is very pervasive that it is particularly applicable to both the private and the public sector in economically developed as well as developing countries.

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