Sample Essay

This article is immensely significant because the risk has started today in China and needs to be conveyed for awareness purposes. The survey covered in this article is the latest one so its statistics are the most recent. The aim of this article is to make the people and organizations aware of the current market scenario so that the tricky situation can be handled carefully. The risks of global supply chain can lead to greater losses and disruptions which if not catered on time will cause disasters. Due to the current economic turmoil, global industry can face major unanticipated overheads and greater failure in the supply chain. But if these problems are catered properly, the companies can get over it soon enough without any major loss (Morgan, 2008).

In worldwide marketplace, companies find it inevitable to do business in the country of China. Organizations there in China are prone to piracy, mainly the marketing and distribution methods and strategies. China is famous for such plagiarism and on the backend probably every company does so. The main risks of global supply chain include the lost rights of intellectual property and business structure prevailing in China.

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