Sample Essay

Frost’s poem The Road not taken sounds irregular in terms of rhyme scheme as the two of the couplets in the poem do not sound to rhyme but they would appear to match each other as an alternative verses. As when Frost says Two roads diverged in a yellow wood/ And sorry I could not travel both (Frost and Untermeyer), it appears as if the poet is reciting prose. But when we see the poem in its complete form it looks to be set in a rhyme scheme of abaab which suggests that, wood, stood and could rhyme while both and undergrowth rhyme (Frost and Untermeyer). The fact is that the rhyme scheme has a profound impact on the poem. Moreover the rhyming couplets exert an efficacious auditory impact. But Frost’s poem seems to have distorted the harmony which the rhyme scheme ought to have created.

The critics of Frost’s poems have always focused on the profound layers of meaning of the poem, The Road not taken, and they tend to ignore the form of the poem as when they are read or listened they lay a very different impact on the audience rather than reading. The setting of rhyme scheme fits the pattern for reading public but fails to leave an impact at all on listeners. Moreover Frost has divided the poem into five verses which also serves to distort the rhyme scheme yet further.

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