Sample Essay

The children who were adopted were confirmed to have heritable characteristics. While the parents who did not have any environmental or genetic factors showed only 13.5% of their adopted children having criminal records. While those with environmental but not genetic factors showed 14.7% rate and those with only genetic factors showed a 20% rate and finally those with both factors showed a 24.5% rate for conviction. The adoption studies also shows that though there is a genetic basis for delinquency, there is no genetic basis for these children growing up to be psychopaths or committing violent behavior (Raine, 1993 47-49).

From all the evidence shown above it cannot be denied that both environmental and genetic factors are not mutually exclusive nor are they individually responsible in creating conditions which breed criminals. It can however be seen that there are various factors which form the foundation for the adoption of crime by individuals. Child abuse, intelligence, temperament, physique all play in important role in affecting the foundation which creates this form of behavior. It cannot be denied however, that not all forms of crime have a genetic basis behind them. That there are unknown factors which can lead individuals to committing violent acts not explained by hereditary causes. It is the responsibility of government bodies to ensure that such factors are diminished so that these individuals can have the opportunity to have productive lives.

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