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The role of international community in the provision of support for the purpose of maintaining human security and health in Africa is said to be ‘critical’[1]. The United Nations has attempted to provide human security along with ‘national’, ‘societal’ and ‘environmental’ in Africa[2]. The ‘human security’ role, notes Moller (2005), of the UN include the protection of the human beings against the ‘malign consequences’ of poverty which victimizes innocent children and women and more particularly ‘child soldiers and rape victims[3].

In 2007 on the eve of the World Health Day the theme of the event was ushered to be health security with its aim to draw attention of the various organizations and institutions towards the significance and urgency to invest on the projects of health in order to make future safer. The World Health Organization is responsible for ‘world wide guidance in the field of public health’[4].

After the end of the Cold war nations became sensitive to the threats that the world was to face due to the health crisis. This sensitivity and interest of the nations was beneficial for the developing countries like Sub-Saharan Africa where the threat was so dangerous. The development of the ‘International Health Regulations (IHR)’, reports Sheward (2005), was an attempt to provide a ‘global public health safety and security’ and to prevent infectious diseases[5].

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