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The role of the Non Governmental Organizations is also important but they are often caught in the middle of what ought to be done and what is being done. But the NGOs focus their efforts in  rural areas and the urban areas are utterly ignored for the reason that as the ‘urban groups’ have the benefit of their location so they can pressurize government for their rights and reforms but the rural areas are not in this position[1]. But the NGOs tend to ignore the multiple problems that the urban areas face and do not fulfil their responsibility in this regard.

HIV threat

The major threats to the Sub-Saharan regions include to make the provision of health care possible as well as to cope the rise in demise owing to HIV infection. AIDS was considered a disease in 1980s  but it was accompanied by the dreadful realization that ‘a new epidemic of unprecedented proportions was spreading throughout Sub-Saharan Africa’[2]. Around forty million of population, report World Bank and Jaminson (2006),  is found infected in the Africa among which ’28.5 million’ are in Sub-Saharan Africa only[3]. ‘Voluntary testing’, ‘counseling programmes’ and use of ‘ARVs’ can help in preventing AIDS[4].

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