Sample Essay

A person using his mind could have discerned the root of corruption as Winston finds out and  ‘meditated resentfully the physical texture of life’ where always in ‘your stomach and in your skin there was a sort of protest, a feeling that you had been cheated of something that you had a right to’ (Orwell 76).

The fact that people were forced to live under poor condition with ‘rooms underheated, tube trains crowded, houses falling to pieces, bread dark colored,tea a rarity’ and ‘it grew worse as one’s body aged’ was a clear sign that ‘it was not the natural order of the things’ (Orwell 77) and it serves to emphasize the ignorance of the proles.  Despite the injustice and corruption of the party it is ironical that no one questions the deteriorating conditions of their own lives, so the question of the rebellion by the paroles is answered in the pessimistic novel as the minds of the people are controlled by the party as Winston asks, ‘Why should one feel it to be intolerable unless one had some kind of ancestral memory that things had once been different?’ (Orwell 77).

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