Sample Essay

News papers slammed Saudi Arabia as the editorial of ‘Business Week’[1] (‘U.S. –Saudi Relations: Changes are Overdue’), announces openly and aggressively that ‘The U.S. and the Al Saud family go back a long way. If this relationship is to continue to the benefit of both nations, a great deal has to change’. The editor also presents a radical proposal to the U.S government that the U.S should ‘throw its weight behind the efforts of 77-year- old Crown Prince Abdullah to root out widespread Royal family corruption’.

The representatives of media opined that the ample amount of money that should have been invested in the economic growth is wasted by Saudi Arabia. The journalists accused Saudi Arabia publicly for backing the terroristic actors responsible for the September attacks as they had supported the forces of Laden in Afghanistan in 1980s. The media of the U.S also demanded the U.S to take initiative regarding the reformation of Saudi society and conservative education system that was responsible mainly for stemming terrorism.

[1] BusinessWeek,10/29/2001, Issue 3755, p108-108, 1/2p.

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