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Castells further explores Yolanda’s cultural misadventures in the “Rudy Elmenhurst Story” showing how the cultural divide between Yolanda and Rudy act as a barrier to them consummating their relationship. The difference in interpretation of their words is summed up in the scene where Yolanda writes a poem with Rudy. She does not understand the dual pornographic nature of the poem she writes until Rudy reveals it to her.

This linguistic confusion is symbolic of her difficulties in understanding American culture despite being given the same tools and language as a typical North American male. Though they speak the same language the meanings of their words differ. Yolanda says desperately, I would never find someone who would understand my particular mix of Catholicism and agnosticism, Hispanic and American styles her internal conflict is manifested through the various misunderstandings her forays into American sexuality bring (Alvarez, How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents 99) (Castells, 2001).

Luis also speaks of how the displacement of the girls and loss of their lives is summed up in the imagery of “the drum” according to Luis where the kitten represents their violent removal from their homeland and how their subsequent experiences left them injured and feeling abandoned (Luis, 2000).

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