Sample Essay

The expected sales of the company in the first year of business are based on two factors. First is the demand of Light Emitting Diodes in the parent company and second is the demand of Light Emitting Diodes in Russia. The company expects to have a growth rate of 10 percent in the second and third year of business. The expected unit prices of the different size and colors of Light Emitting Diodes have been estimated according to competitors’ prices and the cost of manufacturing to the company. The expected volume of sales in units and the total forecasted sales revenue of the company are included in the following tables. The total expected sales revenue in the first year is $1,409,600 and for the second and third years it is $1,550,560 and $1,705,616 respectively.

Unit Selling Price
Size Model Unit Price – $
3 MM EL3-wht 0.4
3 MM EL3-red 0.1
3 MM EL3-blu 0.31
3 MM EL3-grn 0.29
3 MM EL3-ylw 0.18
5 MM EL5-wht 0.5
5 MM EL5-red 0.12
5 MM EL5-blu 0.35
5 MM EL5-grn 0.32
5 MM EL5-ylw 0.22
8 MM EL8-wht 0.8
8 MM EL8-red 0.15
8 MM EL8-blu 0.38
8 MM EL8-grn 0.35
8 MM EL8-ylw 0.25

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