Sample Essay

Electro-light will have a sales strategy based on high-quality, low price and excellent customer services. The marketing plan discussed earlier will enable the company to achieve sales targets. The company will adapt a strategy of direct and indirect selling. The products of the company have been designed to meet specific requirements of various customers belonging to different manufacturing groups ranging from heavy industrial machinery and equipment to small electronic devices.

The company will ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process of sales, starting from the ordering point all the way to the delivery of products and after sales feedback. The marketing staff will continuously meet with prospective clients to promote the company and the various Light Emitting Diode products being offered. The strategy for first year of business will be to sell products to the parent company while introducing them in the local market of Russia. The company will offer various promotional offers and discounts in the initial phase of business to establish a healthy level of sales. The relationship of marketing managers with local manufacturers will be utilized to gain access to various manufacturing companies and introduce Light Emitting Diode products. The basic objective of the company in the initial years of business will be to introduce Light Emitting Diode products and create an image of high-quality, low priced Light Emitting Diodes in the market.  The company will pursue various sales programs to increase and enhance the level of sales. The marketing department will be responsible for implementing and managing these programs. In order to achieve higher level of sales the marketing department will apply both sales and sales promotion methods. In the sales method the marketing department will directly contact prospect customers through telephone, mail catalogs, seminars or business meetings. In sales promotional programs the products will be introduced to prospective customers through promotional campaigns, trade fairs and shows.

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