Sample Essay

Speaking of mainstream culture in the nineties, two of the most famous and heavily publicized real vampires at that time were Vlad Marco and Sky Soro. By revealing themselves to the world they broke tradition concerning they’re status being kept secret except to their vampire brothers. Since then there have been others who have come forward to fend off the negative portrayal of vampires in the new media and to explain how the institution is one of religious morals which follows a code of conduct. This code of conduct is known in the Sanguine community as the Black Veil (Russo, 2005).

It is important to note that within the culture there is an inherent need for community and a system is provided in which individuals can find such communal. According to Dr. Mark Benecke, there is an increasing trend within these groups of youth who seek to join because of an absence of familial bonds. He also found that the subculture in Manhattan can be divided into three groups, psychic vampires, blood drinkers and S&M lifestylers. The first group believes in the exchange of psychic energy between members while the second group indulges in the practice of drinking blood. Though often times the drinking of blood can lead to a form of neurosis causing addiction to drinking it.

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