Sample Essay

The ‘wave of Saudi-bashing in the United States’ is nothing new for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The attack on the Khobar Towers housing complex in 1995 in Dhahran, resulting in the demise of many U.S officials, was also answered by the U.S media and people from various fields by strict criticism on the Saudi government for their insufficient support regarding the sad tragedy. Moreover the sheer ignorance of the Saudi government over the seriousness of issue was reprimanded by the Americans as the Saudi officials declared the conviction of Saudi and Lebanese men in the attack as a sole matter of Saudi government.

But the ‘Saudi-bashing’ regarding the 9/11 attacks is far more severe than the previous ones. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came into the light of media after 9/11 not only in the United States but the British media also opened severe criticism against the Kingdom. The Sunday tabloids employed Laden as a ‘figurehead’ to ‘sex up’ their narratives in order to demonize Saudi Arabia and to criticize Islam in the eyes of the people[1]. Badar discusses the role of British media in building the image of Saudi Arabia with a specific focus on British Sunday newspapers, ‘The Observer’, ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘The Sunday Mirror’ and ‘The News of the World’ in his article ‘Friend or Foe? Saudia Arabia in the British Press post 9/11’ and examines their role in presenting a created picture of Saudia Arabia before the world that is utterly different from the real picture.

[1] al-saud, Bader S.M. “Friend or Foe? Saudi Arabia in the British Press post 9/11.” Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research, 11 2009: 39-51.

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