Sample Essay

Since the fall of 2008 the Green Middle School Science has played an instrumental part in providing its members with an opportunity to learn, to explore, and above all have fun. It provides an environment for all members to deepen their understanding of the scientific field. It is a place made for the students, a club where students can receive positive guidance in their lives, gain emotional maturity and also provides a dynamic environment to challenge and enhance the scientific capabilities of the student body.

The relationships fostered among the students, the staff, as well as the local science community are the driving force behind this clubs creation. This year’s scientific projects will be our most ambitious yet, as we embark on two special projects; the first will be a microbial investigation of our community to help understand our environment better. The second will be an advent into robotics technology, as we will create and design a 5 foot mechanical robot with the ability to speak and walk. The club will also provide opportunities to hear from some of the brightest minds in our scientific community. Their presentations, as well as our annual club trip to the beautiful horticultural Gilroy Gardens will be highlight of our year.

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