Sample Essay

The family of Yuki faces hurdles in order to survive the aftermaths of war and the bond between the members of the family gets stronger as they undergo miseries together (Uchida). Yuki is always ‘close’ to her ‘Mama and Papa’ (43) and her bother Ken who gets injured (Uchida 100).Yuki’s ‘own difficulties are compounded by the physical and spiritual wounds sustained by her brother in the war with Japan’ whom she loves so much (Gerhart and Young 58). Yuki’s life is similar to the ‘screaming desert wind’ which ‘flung its white powdery sand in her face’ and it ‘blinded her’, ‘choked her’, and ‘made her gag as she opened her mouth to cry out’ (Uchida 3).

Friendship is as important a theme in the life of Yuki as is family, as Yuki love for her friend ‘Emi Kurihara’ is associated with the fear for her safety as she was not ‘safe’ (Uchida 6). The bond between Yuki and her friends and family is shown as that of strong and unearthly as Yuki used to have ‘carried on conversations with people who were hundred miles away’ as she believed in the strong relationship that would help to transmit her ‘message’ towards people she loves ‘no matter where they were’ (Uchida 6).

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