Sample Essay

Some of the authors define ‘second generation peacekeeping’ as the ‘operations’ of the United Nations so as to put the conflicts to an end without causing damage to the mankind while the another definition emphasizes the military action during the ‘operations’[1].The very term ‘second generation peacekeeping’ implies, according to some analysts, the improved picture of the face of the operations employed to keep peace and also includes the employment of military actions by those responsible for keeping peace[2].

The irony is that these ‘operations’ have proved to be futile in the past decades[3]. It is also argued that the new operations, which were utilized throughout 1990s differ acutely from the previous and more conventional kind of operations, should be viewed as “second generation” therefore the operations in Somalia is one of the example[4]. Despite the harsh criticisms on ‘second generation operations’ the defenders are of the view that the ‘missions’ are betterments of a sort as they comprise a couple of novel ‘non-peacekeeping functions’ although the advocacy of ‘second generation operations’ has been dismissed as ‘flawed’ for the previous and conventional operations were  also reported to have done the similar jobs[5].

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