Sample Essay

The IT professionals must learn to play their part too besides grieving on other’s mistakes. They should harden the system hardware and software first before incorporating internet, should avoid publicizing the default id and password while testing systems, should update on the discovery of loopholes left in the system, should avoid using unauthentic and unencrypted protocols for controlling system and network devices, should keeping the passwords secret while talking on the public conversations or telephone, should be making and sustaining the test backups, should avoid running superfluous utilities, should execute firewalls within proper guidelines preventing from hazardous outgoing and incoming flow of data, and last but not the least they should incorporate the best available virus security ( : Business Strategy, 2009).

The vision is that if the antivirus software producers make the same signature file for their both type of consumers, they will please their corporate clients by updating their antivirus for the latest viruses. This idea envisions corporate clients paying for the annual updates but the home users getting it for free. This vision is to keep the computer world free of threatening activities and at the same time, the whole IT industry would have a mentor to look at who has made this free environment possible (Vamosi, 2004).

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