Sample Essay

All in all, the movie is a romantic masterpiece created by Josef von Sternberg introducing the seductive and sensuous Marlene Dietrich. The scenes that depict ultimate love and affection claim to be the best of all. The screenplay and the shot as mentioned earlier, provide a classic experience to the viewer. The film is however in a black and white mode though the grays and black depicts the intensity of the scenes and its intentions to make the viewer react emotionally. The romance is touchy and thought provoking thus giving the debutant Marlene Dietrich a classical launch in the Hollywood industry, where today she is known for her unique and illustrious identity.

 It can be concluded that this work of art is a significant collector’s item in the library of drama lovers. Marlene Dietrich could not be better than her performance in the movie Morocco. Josef Von Sternberg’s name doesn’t need any identification since the director has proven his class for other movies like Shanghai Express, The Blue Angel etc. Hence the movie is a superb classic known among viewers, critics and celebrities also.

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