Sample Essay

The hateful and mean-spirited personalities can be helped from such behaviors through intervention. Counseling such individuals will help in finding the root cause of their behaviors hence getting solutions regarding their actions, (Hartmann & Kenneling, 2003).

3.0 Conclusion

In a nutshell we can say that hatefulness and mean-spiritedness has been part of our life since time immemorial. Myriad scenarios have shown that people and the society as whole have been rendered powerless in stopping people from acting in the manner that will cause emotional pain to the victims and society in general. The issue of being happy depends on each and every person in the community. People are bestowed with the responsibility of controlling their surroundings. In the long-run, people attempt to being better individuals and working towards this area will make the society happy. Hence taking individual responsibility for a given action is the prerequisite for happiness in the society as a whole. Unity of purpose will make the society to improve economically leading to economic growth and democratic development.  Democratic development will ensure equity in the distribution of territorial resources hence setting the pace for imitation by other regions.

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