Sample Essay

Microsoft’s Window NT is appropriate to use. It consumes high-level protocols SMB i.e. Server Message Block to interact with low-level protocols such as NetBIOS or TCP/IP. WinNT has a network-compatible architecture which plays with domain and the domain can have as many nodes as possible for the network. Active Directory is one of its advancements to organize a network (Breeding 2009).

Hardware of Network Server

Small networks may choose server-class computers or they can stick to the desktop pc too. A small network will accommodate using the Pentium-based servers and would use Intel architecture. These networks would work on single-processor systems apart from having a dual-processor or so on. Server’s sustainability relies on its memory, WinNT fixes 64MB for file server and sees if more is needed or not. Disk architecture e.g. SCSI enables to include drivers and storage media to the server-class pc. Disk backup has numerous options e.g. RAID or SISC (Breeding 2009).

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