Sample Essay

The primary objective of this assignment is to compare the services offered by two airline companies namely West Jet and Air Canada. The service quality dimensions on which the services have to be examined are Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Tangibles.

First of all West Jet some of the tangible benefits provided by the airline includes

Guaranteed price every time: this means that for a one way flight the rates would be very even

Free and unlimited flight changes and cancellations: this is very exciting offer by West Jet according to which customers can cancel or reschedule their flight till the very last moment up to 1 hour before the flight time. Apart from that West Jet have their own Boeing 737s with extra breathing space and leather seats. This is not all 24 channels of TV programming is also available on every seatback (WestJet, 2010).

As time is very valuable in today’s world the company fully focuses at On-time performance. On-time is defined as an arrival within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival at gate. West jet is also committed to remain Canada’s preferred airlines and keep the journey safe and sound.

Air Canada is dedicated to provide safety and value to each of its customers. They do this by providing quality products and services. As fares are one thing about which the customer is always worried about Air Canada presents five fare options which provides the customers to choose the one which best suits them. Then Air Canada also offers great hotel deals according to which customers can save up to 40% on hotels worldwide. Apart from that Air Canada offers fully furnished cabin interiors with new seats, seatback entertainment, games, music and movies. For customers convenience Air Canada display their route map which shows its interactive map. After that the airline has its 20 award-winning Maple Leaf Lounges-located at all major airports across Canada and at key international locations. The airline also have the facility of travel insurance in which if a customer gets sick or injured or their luggage is stolen the airlines provides full support in this regard (Air Canada, 2010). Unpredictable weather conditions, an airport and air traffic delay becomes very frustrating. To cater this need Air Canada has launched a new program by the name On My Way that provides unique services to its customers. 

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