Sample Essay

The serving of caviar in a meal is as culturally relevant and luxurious as its reputation suggests.

Best known to be served without any preparation, purists say that the best way to serve caviar is as it is. According to their opinion the addition of crème, parsley, onions and other ingredients is mainly used to disguise the taste of an inferior product. They often put only one egg at a time in their mouths to savor the taste and texture before drinking something complementary to its taste.

It can be served in a mother of pearl serving dish or any other plastic container if preferred. However, serving with a non-metallic spoon such as a mother of pearl or blue horned spoon is a must. This is done due to avoid the metallic taste of spoons which can infringe on the taste of the ingredient. It is served best as chilled, careful consideration is taken that it is not cold.

One of the most commonly used recipes is a form of hors d’oeuvre conceived by the Russians known as Blinis. In essence this is nothing but a tiny piece of bread with caviar on top. One variety of this is the rising yeast Blini. It is in the form of a tiny pancake made with buckwheat flour. They themselves have an added layer of butter on top. A dollop of Crème Fraiche can also be added on top with some caviar and this is supplemented by a covering of eggs and shallot (Chavich 2004).

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