Sample Essay

The Americans crave for music; therefore the high purchase rate of musical instruments has been reported by the retailers. The buying ratio increases at the time of festivals and religious occasions as in the Christmas days and New Year festivities. Another reason found for buying on these occasions is that shopkeepers lower rates and offer discount on various items. Different companies offer give-a-ways, that not only attracts the attentions of the consumers but also prove helpful in promoting their product. Many companies wait for festivities to launch their new products.

Age is also an important factor that affects buying habits of the Americans. The priorities change as one grows up. It is mainly the pattern of thinking that shapes one’s priorities and preferences. A teen-aged boy would think differently from an old man. Most of the college student work while studying therefore they spend more on food, electronics, gadgets and technology. They like to buy games, carbonated drinks and other things that they would think of in dreams only if they are dependent on their parent’s money. Adults, on the other hand, think differently from the teen-aged students.

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