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Ever since the September 11 attacks took place, the U.S has made one bad decision after another. Arguing that the invasion of Afghanistan was necessary, America defends its failing policies and agendas by a call for the security of the American citizens. This of course, may have wreaked limited results, seems as beefing security within the country did help prevent an as catastrophic an attack as on the World Trade Center from occurring again but it made new, dangerous, and enduring enemies that prove this to be a deadly combination of economic backlashes and lost human lives.

The U.S army invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 under the mission headline Operation Enduring Freedom. The renowned fugitive of the day Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda was held to be responsible for the attacks and it was him President Bush was after, declaring very openly to the Taliban regime of Afghanistan that there was no room for negotiations or a question of guilt as, according to the evidence the U.S possessed he was already guilty and must be handed over to them. This notion did not sit well with the Afghani government as they refused to be obliged to hand him over on a pretext that was not supported by evidence, or at least evidence that was not shared with them. As a result, they offered the U.S to have Osama bin Laden tried in their own Islamic courts which was rejected. The U.S laid out a number of principle guidelines in their ultimatum for the Afghani government which included delivering all Al-Qaeda leaders to the U.S, the closure of all terrorist camps and the divulgence of information on those camps so that the U.S has full access to them, which if not adhered to would result in dire consequences. According to them, a country that harbored a terrorist such as Osama Bin Laden was just as dangerous as him, and as a matter of policy would be treated no differently. Since Bin Laden was the prime suspect in this scenario, it becomes imperative to know the backdrop of this U.S stance against him.

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