Sample Essay

What we are going to learn:

The main theme of this presentation is Family. What we are going to discuss in this session is the importance of family in the development of an individual. Apart from that the different types of families that prevail in our society and different family system across continents. Why we are focusing on this topic is to realize and recognize the role that our family has played in making us what we are today.

After studying this chapter you would be able to:

  • Develop a better understanding about families and their influence in your life
  • Importance of communication inside your home
  • What impact a family has on the society

Outline for presentation:

  • What is a family
  • Types of families
    • Nuclear family
    • Extended family
    • Reconstituted family
    • Single parent family
    • Cereal packet family
    • General perspective about a family
    • Contribution of families in developing a society
    • Affinity relationships

Group activity:

  • Identify which family type you belong
  • How your family does prepares you before you enter into your practical life

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