Sample Essay

a.       Personal Significance

This research is important to me because of my interest in Information Systems. I believe that Information Systems have and will continue to play an important role in enhancing the productivity and performance of any organization and ERP software are perhaps the most significant Information systems in this regard.

The selection of SMEs in this regard is particularly appealing to me because unlike large organizations, they operate on a limited budget and resources, hence, have a more stringent requirement when it comes to considering ERP. In conducting this research, I would also be exploring the frontier of a topic which is not often explored in research.

b.      Significance to Research Community

For the researchers conducting research on deterring new ways in which IT can advantage business organizations, it is important to understand the behaviour, processes and the requirements of the organizations from IT in order to fulfil their needs. While there is tremendous amount of literature available on the selection and implementation of ERPs for large organizations due to the fact these organization often implement them, the literature available to highlight and fulfil the needs of small and medium enterprises for such practices cannot be considered sufficient. Of the available literature in this regard, a significant portion concentrates on discussing the organizational or non-technical criteria which should be considered when a decision needs to be taken on the selection of an ERP. This research finds its significance in the fact that it contributes toward the literature by highlighting the technical criteria which also plays a significant role in reducing the cost of an ownership of an ERP, but is often not given their due importance.

c.       Significance to Business Community

The importance of this research is also highlighted by the fact that this research considered the case of Small and Medium enterprises only, which in the information age of today, are readily adopting it for their own benefit, however, lack the knowledge with which they can achieve their maximum potential. The framework expected to be developed at the conclusion of this research, will help such enterprises in making their evaluation of the ERP systems comprehensive and thus reduce the risk of spiralling costs due to unforeseen circumstances.

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