Sample Essay

A home wireless network typically runs on Wi-Fi. Unlink the network of a business organizations, the need to security on a home network is not too stringent, as the business organization has the requirement to protect its confidential data which if leaked could cause it severe financial loss or may even lead to bankruptcy. On the home network, however, the traffic mostly consists of data from websites that are publically available; hence, even if it is intercepted or eavesdropped on, nothing significant would be lost.

However, it would be totally wrong to understand that there is no requirement of security on a home network. The home wireless network needs to be protected from illegitimate use. For example, and home wireless network used for Internet in one home ,could be available to its adjacent homes as well, hence people living in those houses can easily use the Internet, without paying for it and prior permission of the owner of the Internet.

This could be troublesome in cases where the ISP has set an upper limit for the Internet traffic, as any access amount would have to be paid by the owner, despite the fact that he or she didn’t use it (Ferris, Briere and Hurley). Furthermore, The presence of online shop on the Internet also means that the important and confidential information such as user credentials for access private areas for a website as well as credit card details could be transferred over the home wireless network, which if leaked could also cause trouble for the user. In addition, like any other network, computers on the home network also need to be protected from attackers wanting to gain access to private documents or any other media stored on the computers (Habraken).

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