Sample Essay

The real mastery of the author, Hall, lies in the fact that she does not portray herself as an angel but reveals all the aspects, good or bad, of her personality before the readers through the story of life. With an honest, direct and simplistic style of writing, Nancy Lee Hall is able to develop an intimate relationship with the readers who come to see the view of the things from the eyes of Hall.

The book starts with an abrupt and immediate style without any prior description, as she says ‘I knew I was in emergency room in a hospital and that it was the day after the Fourth of July1980 in San Diego, California’, with this little detail she tells all the details (Hall, 1984, p.01). The period that Hall describes is of 1980s when the feminist movement was on its rise and it takes back to the Vietnam war, a critical time for the American women who had to face inaduequate policies for supporting children. In San Diego she became a part of feminist movement with the realization of the holocaust of the rights of women in the U.S. The revolution of ‘the American people’, says Ogden, ‘never’ conquered ‘the American home’ for the ‘American housewife never could declare her independence from it’ (Ogden, 1986, p.03).

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