Sample Essay

Fairfax Media Limited is one of the largest media companies of Australia and the scope of business for the company in Australia, New Zealand and America ranges from newspapers, periodicals and magazines to radio and television including digital media. The objective and corporate strategy of the company is divided into three areas. The first part of the strategy includes defending and growing the newspaper line, the second area of significance in terms of strategy are the earnings from internet and the third priority is given to enhance the digital media business of the company.

The competitive strategy of the company is based on the corporate strategy and entails maximising the company’s outreach to various local and international areas through newspapers, online presence, and radio and television coverage. The company takes advantage of the economies of scale concept due to its large size. In order to achieve the corporate and competitive objectives Fairfax Media has launched many new services and acquired or merged with various other entities in the industry. The most significant merger was completed with Rural Press Limited in 2007 which created the largest synergy catering print and digital media needs of both urban and rural areas (Fairfax Media Limited).

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