Sample Essay

According to the PBS website the program “Barney and friends” has been designed to promote the language, cognitive, social and creative aspects of a Pre-School development. That it has been specially formulated by several child specialists to maximize the learning potential of toddlers.

As I have mentioned before, I strongly disagree with the contention that such a program can aid in a toddlers language development. This entire stage of a toddler’s development is a meaningful experience. Toddlers at this age have an abundance of energy and the language skills to express themselves. There is an immense amount of growth and change at this stage of their lives. Where they could only speak a few words in their first year, his language skills will dramatically increase by his second year and subsequently into his third. At first the child will communicate using incomplete sentences often with more than one idea conveyed in each sentences. They will eventually evolve by his third year into more complete and complex ideas, at this time the child will constantly asks questions of adults. He will constantly explore the limits of his own vocabulary and his understanding of the world around him. However it should be noted that the Childs’ vocabulary will be limited and he will become confused and frustrated when confronted with unfamiliar words.

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