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This picture challenges western ideals regarding not only beauty but also societal expectations of fashion and stereotypical ideas regarding sexuality. Social conventions suggests that in terms of gender expectations women should dress in provocative clothing which best serve to display their physical attractiveness. This is especially true of celebrities who are constantly in the public’s eye and are expected to dress in both a glamorous, amorous and provocative manner.

The subject however forgoes such institution and brings her own sense of style and taste. The picture given its social characteristics should evoke a non-sexual nature given the fact that the primary western indicators of physical attraction, i.e. the facial features and the figure are not only display except for the nose and lips. There are also questions regarding the proportion of body mass to body structure.

Yet the mysterious nature of the dressing exudes a sexual playfulness as well as sensuality which is typically present only in women with years of sexual experience. Most of these emotions are elicited from the viewer himself rather than any overt presence within the picture. Given the criteria set by western ideals the picture may be considered be completely asexual in nature.

In conclusion this picture shows typical and socially acceptable ideals of beauty are not warranted and the defining characteristic of less is more is in play here. While social convention would consider such a subject to be revolting perhaps even mad, the sensual nature of the picture is undeniably there despite the arguments against it.

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