Sample Essay

The usage of PCs has left behind some impacts on society. Positive impacts are indeed uncountable and have been in the discussion above but socially and morally it is observed that a great deterioration has appeared in the attitude of people. Brilliant students in the class get addicted and start losing their grades; youngsters get captivated with their gaming activities so much that they are hardly able to catch up with the loss in their studies. Many kill big part of their time in communicating with their old mates, and family member living abroad.

Big professionals waste their energy and time in searching things of their interest, instead of spending efforts in their professional growth. Some people do not even notice the time they sat in front of the PC. These social impacts obviously result in failure of different sorts. Though they are using a very smart device of the time still they are suffering from various psychological and physical syndromes like dry eyes, sleeping disorders, irregular eating habits, migraine headaches, hygiene problems, depression, obsession, lying habit, back aches etc (CAS-Computer Addiction Services, 2003).

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