Sample Essay

The simple feud between the miners and the owners became a historical event of the year 1920. The social injustice done by the owners of the coal company pushed the miners to become persistent on their matter leading to a bloody end. However there are many other vague ideas that surround the story but injustice of the owners is the prime reason of the warfare.

Forming a labor union is essential for individual workers at any platform. The saying ‘United we stand; Divided we fall’ is appropriate to quote here since union itself means a bond within the community. A working person can never demand for anything from his employees since the chances of getting fired or forced resignation from the job are higher in this case. On the other hand, if a group of people which is apparently the major part of workers demands for something, for instance, salary, the company considers it more seriously since workload can increase and productivity is hurt due to a non-working formula (Mishel and Walters).

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