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Essay: Society and Education | Term Paper Queen

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Question 1

Given its impact on societal structure and the ever increasing racial disparities associated with it, it can be understood why the academic achievement gap is such a huge issue in the United States. This paper will attempt to offer three reasons behind the disproportionate success of different races in schools.

Though in the past there have been several theories which have been put forward in an attempt to provide reasoning behind the difference in academic performance, the primary reason for this difference according to Charles, Roscigno and Torres is the difference in the involvement of parents in a financial, communal and traditional manner (Charles, Roscigno, & Torres, 2007 p.330). They believe that parental involvements in the child’s education throughout their lives have a tremendous impact on their dropout rates (Charles, Roscigno, & Torres, 2007 p.331). The authors also say that these factors can be shown to be directly linked to drop out rates when we consider the familial dynamics behind such decisions. Given that there is a higher percentage of African American’s with single parents 331, this factor can directly not only affect their financial stability but also cut into parental interactions which are an essential part of their personal growth and development (Charles, Roscigno, & Torres, 2007 p.333). Absence of these interactions may leave minorities without the inspiration they require to succeed academically (Charles, Roscigno, & Torres, 2007, p.335).

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