Sample Essay

The Italian market has a very reserved attitude to foreign products especially when it comes to clothing products, particularly due to the fact that their own domestic products are some of the best in the world. This will make it highly difficult for M&S to convince the Italian market.

Ninety percent of the Italian people are Roman Catholic with the other ten percent being mainly Jewish and Protestant people and a large number of growing Muslim immigrants. The majority speak Italian with small minorities speaking German, French and Slovene. Language will be an important factor for M&S and the employees and managers should be well versed in Italian and other native languages existent in the Italian market. (CIA, 2009).

The key statistics for the case of M&S are that the ratio of women to men is almost equal, more than sixty five percent of the population lies in the age group of 15 and 64, a life expectance of an estimated 80 years and also the literacy rate which shows that nearly all the Italian people are literate (CIA, 2009). Also, the Italian people are generally environmentally friendly (Metropolis International Group Ltd , 2008), so this will also help boost the image of M&S because of their own “green” economically friendly activities, which will be mentioned later on in the report. Most of these factors show good signs for M&S.

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