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Essay: Socio Economic Liability | Term Paper Queen

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Due to the inherent shortage of the sample no limitations were placed by the researcher on the subjects in terms of socio economic limitability and no subjects were excluded. The populations though fulfilling the racial criteria suffers from NIDDM at different stages, have different ages, occupations, and marital status and treatment modalities.

Additionally, the treatment modalities though mentioned in passing are not discussed in detail in the study framework or in the literature review. Due to these limitations potential biases regarding the factors affecting affectivity of diabetic education are called into question.

The sample size is not sufficient to avoid a type II error and no more than one group was used with certain subjects put through other testing criteria. The study was carried out in a clinical setting with the aid of consultants and bi lingual experts; though no mention regarding consent on the part of the subjects has been made.

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